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Plug & play Marketing power for maritime & logistics companies.

Born out of love for logistics, maritime and the transport industry

That’s the way the cookie crumbles at Getting the Market. We are not a new kid on the block, we’ve been working relentlessly on (digital) marketing in your industries since 2011. Based upon your objectives, needs and data we keep on pushing forward to achieve your commercial goals

Plan the work, work the plan.

Everything starts with a profound analysis of your organization and culture. What position, if any, do we already own in the prospect’s mind? Who are we? Where do we want to go? What market opportunities do we foresee? Together we look for the distinctive character plus core messages of your company. Your company’s core values should reflect in every marketing effort we bring to the table. And you can only convince (potential) customers with an inspiring and effective story.

A website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.

You can buy a website at almost every street corner but getting your messages across on a limited number of web pages is a form of art. Combining this with our thorough knowledge of the industries your company operates in makes us lethal. We develop custom made websites in WordPress, which makes them incredibly flexible and dynamic.  Activation is the key: generating more conversions by optimizing your position within the search engines is what makes our heart tick faster.

Content is king & distribution is queen.

Is your content marketing another drop in the ocean? By standing out of the crowd, selecting the right channels, target groups and repeating relevant messages we make sure your brand makes an impact, becomes noticeable and sticky. Together with our clients we create and install successful content strategies to not only boost your brand awareness but also your conversions. From planning, creating, writing, distributing, sharing and reporting: Getting the Market gets it done.

Don’t always trust your gut. Numbers do tell the tale.

At Getting the Market, we make decisions based upon data and connect the dots between different sources of information. With all your online marketing tools and campaigns in place, it is of vital importance to measure each engagement of your audience and potential target groups. In our real-time Data Dashboard, you can find all relevant information for your campaigns, website performance and overall ranking within the search engines.

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