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"The Getting the Market team has a track record within the maritime and shipping markets. Great to work with them on marketing our unique Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion systems."

Maarten van der KlipEconowind

Wind pioneer sharpens the axe

Econowind is a true pioneer in Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion. With their VentoFoil units, the company is making big waves in the shipping market.

Wind has always been there. It enabled us to navigate the seas and discover new continents. An increasing number of shipyards deliver their newly built vessels wind ready. For existing ships a retrofit is becoming more popular. Harnessing the power of the wind means less fuel consumption and carbon tax avoidance.

“How do we position ourselves distinctively in the market?”

Our approach

Getting the Market conducted interviews with Econowind colleagues and clients. Next, we looked at the main competitors and alternatives available.

Based upon these insights, we drafted a brand statement and core messages. This is the foundation of the upcoming marketing campaign. At the heart lies the maritime DNA of Econowind. The VentoFoil units are a natural element on a ship and results in a minimal line of sight for the crew.

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With the new marketing course, Econowind is ready to make impact in the marketplace. Getting the Market is going to build a new website that reflects the brand statement and core messages.

Also, Getting the Market has worked on the look & feel of the brand of Econowind. Being sustainable means having a clean and straightforward brand identity. To be continued…

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